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How to Stake EMR

We prepared for you an easy tutorial on how to stake EMR, step by step:

1. First, you need to access our dApp and then click Connect in the top right corner.

2. You will need to select a way to connect: MVX extension, MVX Wallet, or xPortal App.

3. After connecting, select Locking 30% APR on the left of the page. To stake EMR, you need to have some EMR in your wallet.


You will receive a message in the right corner of the page after the transaction has been successfully authorized.

The EMR staked will appear in a few moments on your Locking 30% APR page.

This tutorial can be used as an example for iOS or Android users and it's almost identical on every system you are using.

The Unbonding period is 30 days after the stake period is over.

  • The Unbonding period is the time you have to wait to receive back the tokens that you staked.

  • If you unstake before the Unbonding period is over, the fees are 50% of your staked amount.

  • When you stake, you earn rewards through harvest until the stake period is over. After that, comes the Unbonding period where you have to wait to unlock your initial staked tokens.

Example: You stake 1000 EMR for 60 days on January 1st for 30% APR with a 30-day unbonding period. You will get rewards to harvest until those 60 days have passed, until March 1st. After that, you enter the Unbonding period, where you have to wait 30 more days, until March 31st to unlock the tokens that you put up for stake. If you unstake before the Unbonding period is over, you will lose 500 EMR (50% of your staked tokens).

  • During the Unbonding period, you are not receiving any rewards.

  • The Unbonding period may vary from one staking campaign to another.

Video Tutorial