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How to buy NFT

We prepared for you an easy tutorial on how to buy an Emorya Sports NFT, step by step:

1. First you need to access our dApp and then click Connect in the top right corner.

2. You will need to select a way to connect: MVX extension, MVX Wallet, or xPortal App.

3. After connecting, select NFT in the left of the page. In order to buy an NFT you must have at least 1 EGLD in your wallet and atleast 0,02 EGLD more for the gas fees, press the Buy now button and authorize your transaction from your chosen wallet.


You will receive a message in the right corner of the page after the transaction has been successfully authorized.

The NFT will apear in a few moments in your NFT page, the same page from where you bought it.

This tutorial can be used as an example for iOS or Android users and it's almost identical on every system you are using.

Video Tutorial