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Q4 2021

  • First version of whitepaper
  • Gather first members around our project vision
  • Implementation program strategy

Q1 2022

  • Meetings with advisors
  • First website
  • First private sell
  • Whitepaper update

Q2 2022

  • Media meet Emorya
  • Event presentation
  • Legal opinion audit
  • Vesting smart contract
  • First dApp version

Q3 2022

  • Website redesign
  • EMR meets Elrond blockchain
  • First tokens in Maiar wallet
  • Presale smart contract
  • Update dApp interface and functionality
  • First pre-sale
  • Start marketing strategy
  • Build communities
  • Prepare second pre-sale

Q4 2022

  • Second pre-sale early testing
  • First protoype of EmoryaSports mobile application
  • Develop strategies for user programs
  • EMR Airdrop
  • Rewrite staking and mining strategies
  • Prepare first backend version for Emorya Sports mobile application

Q1 2023

  • Expanding towards new partnerships
  • Rework on Emorya branding
  • Find expert help for tokenomics improvment, gap holes and sustainability
  • Completly redesign dApp
  • Relaunch Emorya dApp
  • Completly redesign website
  • Alpha version of Emorya Sports mobile app
  • Prototype first NFTs designs
  • Prototype first NFT smart contracts
  • Fully automated GCP infrastructure powered with Kubernetes

Q2 2023

  • Update whitepaper after the last tokenomics model
  • Running first implementation of NFT platform
  • Redesign NFT platform
  • Redesign Emorya Sports App
  • Improve workflows and security
  • Design NFT programs for users mining the $EMRS sector and launching EMORYA dApps to accelerate adoption and integrate tokens in a scalable economy

Q3 2023

  • Scaling the Proof of Concept moves toward the next step in designing a suitable roll-out strategy.

Q4 2023

  • EMORYA team and partners arrangements joint ventures to support, develop, and grant for start-ups projects for ecosystem growth by giving more utility and adoption.