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Earn Rewards with Locking

Emorya makes staking easy for everyone, even those without technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies. The platform ensures the security of your funds and provides you with the necessary tools to start earning rewards through locking.

Earn Rewards by Locking

If you want to earn rewards, you can do so by locking the Emorya tokens. Emorya offers you a user-friendly platform where you can lock your $EMR and $EMRS Tokens in your wallets and receive additional rewards. Locking your Emorya tokens involves actively supporting the Emorya ecosystem and participating in the stability of the ecosystem. In recognition of your contribution, you will be rewarded with additional Emorya tokens. The best part is, you can engage in this process with ease, even if you're not well-versed in the complexities of cryptocurrencies. The Emorya platform is intentionally crafted to be user-friendly and straightforward, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, can comfortably participate in this rewarding process.

Additionally, Emorya Finance introduces the innovative and unique approach to reward our most loyal users to the overall stability and growth of the Emorya ecosystem. We have conceived a loyalty program that would allow special rewards consisting of $EMR to any person who lock a minimum of 10,000 of their $EMR tokens for more than 90 days during a 12 months’ timeframe. The eligible users will receive their rewards after the 90-day period ends subject to our additional terms and conditions regulating the locking feature.