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What is Emorya Project

Welcome to Emorya!

Here the world of sports and blockchain technology are conceived to come together with the objective to create an extraordinary experience. We promote an innovative platform that is meant to combine physical well-being with the latest trends in technology, namely the blockchain industry. Through the user-friendly Emorya mobile application, individuals would be able to embark on a rewarding journey towards better health and a new way of living, where passion, fitness, and technology converge. As technological progress continues to shape society, we believe that the world finds itself at the dawn of a new era where automation and robots are becoming increasingly prevalent. Countries like Japan and South Korea already have economies focused on robotics, hence being expected to change the way we work and live. Our goal is simple: we want to provide people worldwide with the chance to improve their overall well-being through our innovative application, as we plan to track the calories burned by our users throughout the day and reward them with our native token, $EMRS. In a world of innovation, Emorya thrives within the MultiverseX blockchain, a blockchain known for its rapid progress, remarkable scalability, and unwavering security. MultiversX is designed for distributed applications and successful utilization, which is expected to let Emorya be one step ahead in the blockchain technology field. Emorya’s ecosystem is based on two tokens, $EMR and $EMRS, envisaged to harmoniously blend together, are aimed at providing a fascinating and seamless experience to users. Emorya is projecting to “build a bridge” where aspirations and rewards in the form of digital assets would connect, as users would accumulate $EMRS through their tireless efforts in achieving physical milestones, tracking progress and goals set through the Emorya app. Through this virtual conduit, users could traverse the terrain of accomplishments, ultimately converting accumulated $EMRS into the other ecosystem token, $EMR, providing them the liberty to consume their hard-earned crypto-assets in exchange for accessing the services and products provided within the Emorya ecosystem.

Emorya Sports X

Emorya Project is conceived as a groundbreaking global initiative, aimed at providing unprecedented opportunities for individuals worldwide embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Emorya plans to bring together sports and blockchain technology, hence creating a sustainable environment where every participant would receive rewards, which might enrich the lives of all involved in this extraordinary journey. Emorya is designed to operate by adapting to technological and economic changes, an approach which could be suitable especially in countries with advanced automation, such as Japan and South Korea. Let us now explore how Emorya is meant to work and how it could transform the user experience. It shall all begin with the Emorya Sports App, a mobile application that could track your daily calorie consumption. Based on this measurement, the app may grant you our digital token called $EMRS, which would be automatically added to your wallet every day. The $EMRS Token can be converted into the $EMR Token using the Emorya app's intuitive interface. Being designed as a deflationary project, each time a blockchain transaction of $EMR occurs, 3% of the $EMR will be burned. Also, another 3% of every $EMR blockchain transaction shall be retained by Emorya to support ongoing initiatives, technological improvements, ecosystem growth, and the overall progress of the project.