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📱 Emorya's dApp: Empowering Users in the World of Sports

Emorya utilizes a decentralized application, called a dApp, which is a specially designed software program that operates on a decentralized network like the blockchain. These applications offer users various functionalities, as well as transparency, security, and autonomy.

In the case of Emorya Sport, the dApp rewards users for participating in healthy activities, especially calorie-burning exercises. By engaging in these activities, users contribute to the overall value of the Emorya ecosystem. Through its hyper-deflationary currency, Emorya ensures that a portion of its value is distributed directly to users for every transaction that takes place within the platform.

To access the transferred funds, users can utilize the MultiverseX network, which serves as the underlying infrastructure for Emorya. They can connect to their Emorya Sport account through the xPortal extension or application, which provides an easy connection to the decentralized network. If users choose to connect through the xPortal application, they will need to return to the Emorya Sport website to claim their funds.

Once connected, users can view the purchased coins in the token section of their xPortal wallet, where 10% of the coins will be visible. The remaining 90% can be accessed and viewed in the wallet's query section.

In summary, Emorya harnesses the power of dApps to provide users with a satisfying and engaging experience in the world of sports and fitness. By operating on a decentralized network, Emorya ensures transparency, security, and fair distribution of its hyper-deflationary currency, allowing users to actively participate and benefit from the ecosystem.