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🔥 Burning: Maintaining Balance and Community Benefits

Burning is a practice used in certain situations to manage the number of tokens and bring various benefits to a cryptographic ecosystem. Emorya understands the importance of controlled and strategic burning to maintain a healthy balance and support the well-being of its community.

In the early stages of the protocol, continuous burning of tokens can be carried out to adjust their circulating supply. However, it is important to find a balance and avoid excessive burning, which could hinder the growth of the protocol or restrict its management. The Emorya's Smart Contract ensures that the burning process is automated and in the interest of the community.

To ensure transparency and accountability, Emorya Tokens are burned automatically after each transaction, leading to a continuous reduction in the number of tokens in circulation. The exact number of coins destroyed in each burn is publicly available on the MultiversX Blockchain Explorer. This transparency allows community members to calculate the current circulating supply at any time and promotes a better understanding of the token's value.

In short, Emorya implements a carefully managed burning strategy to optimize the token supply and bring benefits to the community. By maintaining a balance between automatically controlled burning and marketing efforts, Emorya aims to promote transparency, community involvement, and long-term value for token holders.