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🧩 How it Works

As the world experiences an ongoing process of automation in developed economies like Japan and South Korea, it is crucial to adapt to the new practices and trends brought about by technological advancements. Emorya aims to provide financial independence to people all over the world by offering a unique program.

The Emorya Sports App tracks your daily caloric expenditure, and based on this, you will receive an $EMRS coin. This coin will be transferred to your wallet once every 24 hours through the app. You can convert the $EMRS to the $EMR hyper-deflationary currency by swapping directly in the app, with a 3% conversion fee.

The $EMRS currency is valued at 30% of the $EMR token's market capitalization. With every $EMR purchase, 30% of the transaction amount is immediately transferred to the $EMRS token, adding value to it.

Token Swap

The $EMR hyper-deflation function redistributes 12% of the transaction amount, where 50% of the Emorya team's funds will be continuously invested back into the project to drive growth and adoption.