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🏋️ Emorya Sports


Emorya is launching a new sports application to help users track their daily physical activity. The app will calculate the number of calories burned and steps taken.

Emorya Sports

Purchasing EMR

To use the app, users must purchase the $EMR token with their own funds. This will give them the option to "mine" the $EMRS token, which is valued at 30% of the $EMR token's market capitalization. The amount of $EMRS awarded to each user is proportional to the number of calories they burn each day.

Goals and Challenges

In addition to tracking daily activity, Emorya will offer substantial prizes for meeting established goals and completing challenges set by fitness instructors.

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The Emorya Ecosystem

The Emorya Ecosystem offers many features, including Staking, Hyper Deflation, Burn, Buy-Back, 3% Holder, and calorie mining. Emorya believes that their ecosystem is the most efficient route towards achieving financial freedom currently available.