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Emorya Platform incorporates NFTs into its ecosystem, which increases its dependability and profitability. The acronym NFT refers to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptographic assets based on blockchain technology. They cannot be traded or exchanged similarly to other cryptographic assets.

The Emorya sports program will have a component of NFTs that will be generated automatically for each user. They will be responsible for increasing their character and level based on their sports abilities. Depending on the application's level, users will eventually be able to get greater rewards/calories and even divorce themselves from the investment in the $EMR. Here, people can sell their nft or participate in auctions.

There will be types of NFTs available for purchase, such as owned NFTs and sports equipment (t-shirts, suits, bracelets, and accessories) - through which users may earn greater rewards/calories. The NFTs will also advance users to the next application level and instantly unlock new opportunities.

The fourth form of NFTs has sentimental value, allowing consumers to meet a world-class athlete and other applicable benefits.