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In some cases, burning tokens is necessary, while in others, it may not be. During the early stages, a continuous burn on a single protocol may be convenient, however, it can't be restricted or managed. Controlled burns are encouraged because they help the community stay informed and open to new information. The Emorya team, consisting of professionals, will oversee the burn process to maintain a healthy balance and ensure the well-being of the general public.

Other viable options include marketing and monitoring the conditions and ratios of the programmed burn. Emorya's innovative approach aims to establish a long-term burn strategy that is both beneficial and enjoyable for participants. Manual burns can also be a great way to reward and educate community members. The reasons and frequency of manual burns are made public and constantly monitored. Emorya Tokens will continue to be burned after each transaction, indefinitely. The exact number of destroyed coins is displayed on our website, allowing for greater transparency when calculating the current circulating supply at any time.